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I’m Not The Mental Health Girl Anymore

It’s been my title for half my life, the mental health girl, the girl that people know has depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, the girl defined by the scars on her body, and the girl that has been overcome with … Continue reading

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One Year Self Harm Free

One year ago today, at 11:30 pm was my last self injurious cut. I remember the time, I remember were I was when I did the cut,and in time I will be able to forget those details because I will … Continue reading

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6 Months Free From Self Harm!

All the way back in November, in the late night on the fifteenth was the last time I took a razor blade, or anything sharp to my skin. Today I am able to say that I have been free from self … Continue reading

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Identifying And Coping With Triggers – TNT Weekends

Triggers are specific memories, behaviors, thoughts and situations that jeopardize recovery – signals you are entering a stage that brings you closer to a relapse. This trigger can become the reason for self harming, a binge, restricting food, excessive exercise, lashing out … Continue reading

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The Scars Of Self Injury

One of the biggest things I have been struggling with in my Mental Health recovery is my self injurious ways. Over 17,500 people were admitted in Canada during 2011 for self injury care. (1). This number only includes patients that were treated in … Continue reading

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Trichotillomania Awareness Week

Sharing an awareness week with Mental Illness awareness, During the first week of October is Trichotillomania awareness week. Trichotillomania is a long term condition where people feel an overwhelming urge they cannot control to pull out the hair from their … Continue reading

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Permanent Sticky Note, My Mantra

I’m going to get a little personal in this post. A little tidbit about a tattoo that I have (shown below) and why I have this particular tattoo, it’s meaning. I’m writing it here to A) let my readers (albeit not … Continue reading

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