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One Year Self Harm Free

One year ago today, at 11:30 pm was my last self injurious cut. I remember the time, I remember were I was when I did the cut,and in time I will be able to forget those details because I will … Continue reading

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Diagnosing An Eating Disorder

While in my eating disorder program we learned partialy what it takes to be fully diagnosed with an eating disorder. With me and my love of psychology I was quite interested in this aspect of this particular group session so … Continue reading

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TNT Weekends – Assertiveness

I’ve, as most people, have struggles with assertiveness. I’m one of the type of people that are deemed a ¬†“people pleaser.” I didn’t understand how much I was a people pleaser until this week when in group therapy I was … Continue reading

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Psychological Effects Of Horror Films

Even though Halloween is over;even though snow is know falling in London (albeit a small amount); and even though I’m writing this while drinking an eggnog latte from Starbucks, the time to watch horror films are not over. One of … Continue reading

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Identifying And Coping With Triggers – TNT Weekends

Triggers are specific memories, behaviors, thoughts and situations that jeopardize recovery – signals you are entering a stage that brings you closer to a relapse. This trigger can become the reason for self harming, a binge, restricting food,¬†excessive¬†exercise, lashing out … Continue reading

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Sleep Disorders – Insomnia

My struggles with sleep have been going on for years. My personal record of how long I have gone without sleep is four days while I was a teenager. This morning, as the sun was just finishing rising I finally … Continue reading

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