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My High School Days

Today I posted on my most recent blog, The Little Moments, I was recently reminiscing about my high school days and the negatives that happened during those days, but also the positives that I ended my high school journey with. … Continue reading

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6 Months Free From Self Harm!

All the way back in November, in the late night on the fifteenth was the last time I took a razor blade, or anything sharp to my skin. Today I am able to say that I have been free from self … Continue reading

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Myth Of Mental Health #1

I’ve been told multiple times by old friends, acquaintances and random people online telling me I have it easy. I’m not in school due to my mental health, and my recovery. One person messaged me this below: “I mean I’m in … Continue reading

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Throwing Out The ED Clothes

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks trying to clean out my room of all the possible triggering things. Things such as negative paintings and sketches, empty bottles that have been hiding under my bed, and all the possible self injurious … Continue reading

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Diagnosing An Eating Disorder

While in my eating disorder program we learned partialy what it takes to be fully diagnosed with an eating disorder. With me and my love of psychology I was quite interested in this aspect of this particular group session so … Continue reading

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Hospital Stay Photo Post

During my stay at the hospital, I was able to keep my cell phone, if I only used it either in my room, or outside on passes, I used this to my advantage and took plenty of photos to document … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! – 2013!

*Still Inpatient* This past year has been one of my hardest. I began the year depressed and within a week I had my first adult hospital stay due to mental health. I went through daily outpatient programs. I moved out … Continue reading

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