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I’m Not The Mental Health Girl Anymore

It’s been my title for half my life, the mental health girl, the girl that people know has depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, the girl defined by the scars on her body, and the girl that has been overcome with … Continue reading

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National Depression Screening Day

Today, October fourth is National Depression Screening Day. A National day that pertains to Mental Health that I didn’t know about until today. Calgary Counselling Centre provides a free online depression screening test to anyone on October 4th (Test site … Continue reading

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Suicide Awareness Day- 10th Of September.

I’ve been trying to decide which day I was going to write this post, I wanted to write it a few days ago so I didn’t forget, And also so that you readers can have some time to go out … Continue reading

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Permanent Sticky Note, My Mantra

I’m going to get a little personal in this post. A little tidbit about a tattoo that I have (shown below) and why I have this particular tattoo, it’s meaning. I’m writing it here to A) let my readers (albeit not … Continue reading

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My Biggest Dream

Ever since I was a young child I have always wanted to create my own Non-profit organization. I still remember one month when I was eight years old were I had written, done research, created a name, and a logo for a … Continue reading

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