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Namaste, My name is Lisa Merriam. I live in London,Ontario. I was born August 28th 1992.

I have been Diagnosed with Depression, Social Anxiety, A.D.D., and P.T.S.D. I was recently diagnosed with an eating disorder. I’ve had to deal with diagnosed mental health issues for close to eight years know, countless more years undiagnosed. I write my diagnosis here because due to my personal mental health issues I have become an advocate for mental health awareness, self harm awareness, domestic abuse awareness, suicide awareness and other mental health related issues. I’ve had to deal with the stigma on a daily basis for those eight long years. May it be through high school, friends, family, even in my own Doctors office. It’s been a constant struggle not only dealing and managing my mental health issues, but dealing with the stigma that is associated with it, My goal in life is help diminish the stigma.

Little random things about me: I’ve been a storyteller since before I even learned how to write. I write mainly poetry, but am also currently writing two novels. I began practicing yoga at the age of 14 due to it being part of my treatment program. I have been a ballet and tap dancer from a very young age and still will randomly break out into dance once in awhile. I have recently taken up painting to go along with my sketching. My father was a professional nature photographer and I like to think that I received this shutter bug gene from him. I’m obsessed with tea, and drink upwards of five cups a day. Another obsession of mine is Psychology. Since I was first diagnosed at the age of 14 with multiple Mental Illness’ I have read countless personal stories, textbooks, and articles about psychology, With a wide range knowledge of multiple psychological illness’.


6 Responses to About The Author

  1. biipolargirl says:

    I love your blog. Very well written. I too, would like to diminish the stigma. Thank you, for your beautiful posts.

  2. I randomly stumbled upon your page through twitter. I have to say, I’m glad I did. I too, suffer from depression. I have for 22 years and am finally in therapy. I didn’t go for a long time because it’s too costly.

    I have started a blog/Facebook page because for the longest time I have always wanted to start a movement of some sort. I am slowly working on it but I am having some issues trying to get my message across etc.

    My cause is called A Msg Of Hope and it’s designed to help end the stigma attached to mental illness along with helping those who happen to suffer from depression, like I do. If you have any suggestions, I’m open to hearing them. You can follow me on twitter @MsgOfHope_ or email me amsgofhope@gmail.com.

    I look forward to hearing from you and gathering any feedback you may have.

  3. Hey! I’m going to cut to the chase here, but I’m doing a Body Signs Campaign right now for those suffering or have suffered from Eating Disorders like myself. It’s a study to see all of the body signs for EDs according to disorder. I don’t know what I’ll find out about it, but I’m hoping you would be apart it. If you are interested or just want to know more, just message me back or something. Alright, take care! 🙂

  4. You sound like a very interesting person, and this is an excellent cause to write for. 🙂

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