About TNT Weekends

Trends– Just like different trends in fashion, there are trends in treatment. These posts will be all about the different activties that one can learn through treatment. Some of these posts will incude, self soothing, art therapy, and relaxation.

Techniques– There are skills one learns through treatment that help guide a person into assertiveness, coping healthier, and being able to deal with every day triggers. These posts will include these techniques I have learned over the years.

At first I was apprehensive about using a title that when abbreviated made “TNT”, an explosive. But after taking a step back and thinking about it, TNT is a perfect abbreviation for these posts. The textbook definition of an explosive is something that “shatters” or “breaks.”But isn’t treatment, the trends, the techniques are there to help you “break” away from unhealthy thoughts, to “shatter” your negative mind?

Every weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday I will be writing either a trend or technique that I either have newly learned, or have learned in the past.

If you have any tips or techniques that you would like to see researched and posted about, simply ask in a comment, I will gladly post about them! 



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