About Recovery Moments

Have you ever had those “ahh haa” moments during recovery? as an inpatient, during treatment groups, through therapy sessions, social worker appointments or anything similar? Well this is the place for them!

It will be posts about strides in recovery I personally have taken, or as a whole one must make. These are moments that you must go through when learning to accept your diagnosis, learning to manage your mental illness’ and learning to love yourself, accept yourself.

These are the as you could say “recovery lessons” or “life lessons” one must learn through treating there mental health.

I have used the term “moments” because sometimes these lessons are fleeting moments in a day, or in a long treatment program. Sometimes these are thoughts that pop into our head and are accepted then forgotten about until being brought up in therapy (which has personally happened to me with some of the future topics.)

If you have any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions please share it would be greatly appreciated!


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