Why Can’t We Indulge During The Holidays?

It’s all over the December issues of magazines, “Celebrate without gaining weight”, “How to: not gain weight this holiday season” and of course you will find in the January magazines “how to loose those holiday pounds” but why must these articles be needed? Why can’t we indulge during the holiday seasons. Why is it so wrong to eat appetizers, dinner and some dessert during Christmas, or even New Years?

Is there any better time to indulge? Society puts pressure on people during the summer months to look good in a bikini, or any bathing suit, and yet the season is filled with the national day for ice cream, filled with barbecues where burgers, kabobs and hot dogs are on the fire, it’s the season of campfires where you roast marshmallows and stick that marshmallow between two graham crackers and some chocolate! But still magazines, talk shows and society tells us “don’t eat to much, don’t gain to much weight or you might not look good in that swim suit!” Then we move onto halloween, where it really is the day were you get bags full of candy, but still, no gaining weight is allowed in society, I mean society tells us you must fit into that perfect halloween costume for that amazing halloween party. And of course comes Thanksgiving. Just a few months later (or if your American just over one month later) Christmas sneaks up on us all and all the family gatherings, parties with friends, and workplace get together’s.

Christmas should not be about weight, it should be about celebrating life!

Christmas should not be about weight, it should be about celebrating life!

Honestly is there not a better time to indulge? Christmas/winter is filled with times with family and friends, and honestly food tastes better when you are able to share it with loved ones is it not? And what if we gain a few pounds? first it’s ok to gain a few pounds over the course of the year, gaining a lot is not healthy but a couple of pounds here and there is alright, no one will ever be at the perfect weight so why must we strive to be a perfect weight?

I did have a hard time, I didn’t eat a lot when I went to my first family Christmas the first of Decemeber, I was to afraid to gain any weight, I was terrified of gaining any weight at all that part of me subconsciouly restricted some meals during the week before. I didn’t let that happen again though on Christmas eve, Christmas day, or Boxing day when our little family had another family get together. So what if I gained any weight? It’s Christmas! I don’t want to have to go home and say “I wish I had tried that small cheesecake piece” or ” I wish I had that extra chicken ball” (Boxing day gathering was at a Chinese Buffet) I ate until I was full, and yes maybe I ate a few bites extra but do you even understand how much I struggle with just simply eating until I’m full the other 364 days of the year? I eat a small plate, just enough and if I finish that plate I don’t go back for seconds, but heck I went back for seconds this holiday, and I ate dessert! I listened to my body, my body wanted more food, my body thought that chicken ball, that cheesecake looked amazing and wanted to try some, and i’m glad I did!

So maybe I gained a few pounds during Christmas, I’m not even sure I havn’t checked my weight, and why should I? I spend so much time during the year worrying about my weight why am I not able to have a break? Why can’t anyone out there have a break? The pressure is to much to stay thin, to stay fit during the year and people need to have a time where they can have a break, and what better time then this holiday season?!

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