Moving; Causes Stress, or Removes It?

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. The packing of numerous brown boxes, with that horrendous loud noise of the packing tape sending shivers up and down your spine. The planning of what can we pack know, or what to pack the night before? What do we transport the cat in?! We ask just moments before we leave the old apartment. Planning and finding the best but low costing movers. Some of these things are not really stressful, but when your date of move changes to two weeks in advance and you have less then a week to pack, moving stress becomes overwhelming!

Packing was a very hard situation for me. Part of the reason was me being a perfectionist and trying to make sure all like items were packaged together, and after realizing I’ve packed full one box, and finding another like item that won’t fit into the box sent me into tears (which could have been caused by pregnancy hormones I say!) Or what about the issue that this was the first time I have ever packed a full apartment for a one day move, I have packed less things for an apartment, but it was a three day move with only family helping, instead of payed movers helping out. Luckily I had Michael to help me pack, and had both my parents help us the day of the move so that I was able to have less stress knowing that I didn’t have to do everything myself (which for some odd reason I always think I do have to) and knowing that I had people looking out for me, and making sure I didn’t forget anything, or package any of the last minute things improperly.

After my parents left as they had to return to work, (My father is quite the busy man since opening his own business!) and I saw all of the boxes that needed to be unpacked my stress   definitely did not go away. But days later, still with some boxes still not yet unpacked my stress pretty much just melted away.

Our Kitchen (little messy due to just finishing our move)

Our Kitchen (little messy due to just finishing our move)

Realizing that know I have a place i’m proud of calling home, yes home (That’s a new experience for me, I have yet to really mentally accept any place but my parents as being “home”, but this new apartment, is absolutely my home) a place that will be enough space for me, my love Michael, and our little blessing coming this September is a weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel more prepared to be a grown up here in this apartment. It’s easier to cook in this nice big kitchen, and it’s nice to have enough room that Michael and I can cook dinner together. It’s also great (and a little hard to still get use to) having an average sized oven and fridge, when me and Michael have come from apartments furnished with apartment sized appliances.

View from our sixth floor balcony.

View from our sixth floor balcony.

Another thing that elevates stress is knowing that we are in a better area to raise a child. Where we were living was not a bad area per-say, it was not close to how great this area is. We are within walking distance of two parks, the library, great walking paths, basic needs like a grocery store and a bank. We are quite close also to one of our main city malls, but far enough that the roads are not so busy. And we are close to a 24 hour clinics and an indoor pool open to the public, and if we are lucky enough to stay in this area long enough a public school.

This two bedroom apartment, even though not fully furnished (our kitchen table is still stored at my parents until we are able to move it, and we will need a new couch) has helped take away both me and Michael’s stress of a growing family, of growing up, and recovering. Having a home to call your own, definitely boosts your mood, even though to get that mood boost you have to go through that stressful situation of moving! Cross my fingers we won’t have to deal with the stress of moving for a couple more years!

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