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A Letter To Myself

*Still inpatient* Dear Me, Your not who I thought you would grow up to be, your not where I thought you would be at this age. When I was younger I thought I would still be able to go to … Continue reading

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What Do I Pack When Going Inpatient?

This past January was my first time on an adult mental health ward. I had no clue what I would need to bring, or even what I could bring, or could not bring. I was more prepared the second time … Continue reading

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Some News

I’ve been afraid to write these past few days. There is something I have to let my readers know, I’ve been afraid of letting you down, afraid to cause you worry. But due to me being unable to write the … Continue reading

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Ignite Health Ontario – Media

So here it is! I promised all my readers that I would be linking you all to the video of my speech at Ignite Health Ontario, and below is where it is. My introduction and beginning of my speech starts … Continue reading

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How Do You Know Your In An Abusive Relationship?

While I was a teenager and I had my first abusive relationship I understood that I was in an abusive situation. I knew because I had been taught that if a man or women laid a hand on there partner … Continue reading

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TNT Weekends – Setting Goals

This week in one of my personal training appointments I set my three fitness goals. Also this week I surpassed one of my goals, using the elliptical longer then ten minutes, without my heart rate reaching the high 190’s. This … Continue reading

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Once only known as “shell shock” a vague condition affecting war veterans, it is now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was diagnosed with P.T.S.D in December of last year after three long years of hiding the extent of … Continue reading

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