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We Are An Illness Not A Costume – Straitjackets

There is this new poster campaign going around that has people of certain cultures around the world putting up photo’s of costumes that depict there culture’s as stereotypical, with the slogan “we are a culture not a costume” This poster … Continue reading

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Making Friends While In Inpatient/Treatment

I’ve made some amazing friends while being inpatient and while going through treatment programs, friends that have helped me become spontaneous  more confident in my skills, more talkative  and just simply feel accepted. I’m going to share three personal stories of friends … Continue reading

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TNT Weekends – Glitter Jars

A glitter jar is something that I’ve recently learned about. I love this idea and have heard such positive feedback about it. How do you use it? – When you feel like you want to harm, binge, restrict, cry, scream, … Continue reading

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Ignite Health Ontario And Even More News!

Last night was the night! My first speech about my own mental health struggles, first speech about the blog. The anxiety was high, the panic attacks had been and gone, but I persevered, and I’m so glad I did. The night … Continue reading

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What Is Consent?

Consent has been a tricky thing in my past relationships. Having had my boundaries passed during my first relationship it set me up to not fully understand when in later relationships my boundaries were crossed, I became accustomed to not wanting to do something … Continue reading

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Identifying And Coping With Triggers – TNT Weekends

Triggers are specific memories, behaviors, thoughts and situations that jeopardize recovery – signals you are entering a stage that brings you closer to a relapse. This trigger can become the reason for self harming, a binge, restricting food, excessive exercise, lashing out … Continue reading

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Mental Health And Time Off Of School Part 2

There are not all bad things about being taken out of schooling due to mental health. Below are some of my personal postive’s of taking time off of school: Better Grades – You may think, if i’m not in school how … Continue reading

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