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Suicide Awareness Day- 10th Of September.

I’ve been trying to decide which day I was going to write this post, I wanted to write it a few days ago so I didn’t forget, And also so that you readers can have some time to go out … Continue reading

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Permanent Sticky Note, My Mantra

I’m going to get a little personal in this post. A little tidbit about a tattoo that I have (shown below) and why I have this particular tattoo, it’s meaning. I’m writing it here to A) let my readers (albeit not … Continue reading

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National Body Image And Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Body image has been a constant issue in my life. At a young age I was thin, and not the normal thin…looking back at photos I almost look close to anorexic at a young age. My sister jokes about how … Continue reading

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Video I Made About Self Injury And Positivity

This is a video I had made a few weeks before my first admission onto the Adult Mental Health Ward. It speaks about my self injury scars and how one girl at college, a complete stranger, was “disgusted” with my … Continue reading

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My Biggest Dream

Ever since I was a young child I have always wanted to create my own Non-profit organization. I still remember one month when I was eight years old were I had written, done research, created a name, and a logo for a … Continue reading

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Introductions Are In Order

I’ve never been really good at writing opening scenes, introduction paragraphs, or a introduction to a new blog. I always seem to jump over the whole introduction and get straight to the point of the main writing. I’m not good … Continue reading

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Women’s Abuse Center Volunteering

A few days ago I sent a e-mail off to one of the volunteer coordinators at my local Women’s Abuse Center. Today I got a message back. There are three place’s that are in need of volunteers, Childcare Supporter Reception … Continue reading

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